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2020 Main Street Summer Theater Festival

In lieu of selling tickets this year, please consider showing  your support by making a donation or becoming a member today!

skits/scenes videos


One Word Story Improvisation
performed by Anna and Scott Kuhlman


Two Sisters
performed by Cambria Groom and Anastacia Franz

Video 1:

“Mystery of Java” - begins at 0:10
performed by Bryson Polifka as Will and Titus Sayre as Sam

“Zoom!” - begins at 3:42
performed by Dylan Flanders as Zippy and Danielle Franz as Dash

“The Haunted Yo-Yo” - begins at 6:27
performed by Xara Brenn 

Video 2:

“Cowabunga Caterpillar” - begins at 0:10
performed by Anna Kuhlman

“Cat Nap” - begins at 1:18
performed by Jayslin Gabel as Patches and Maddy Snyder as Jerry

“The Other Side of the Puddle” - begins at 4:12
performed by Scott Kuhlman

Video 3:

“Cloud Bank” - begins at 0:10
performed by Caleb Best

“Summer in a Box” - begins at 1:29
performed by Maggie Best

“Mad Cow Disease” - begins at 2:30
performed by Madison Mader as Buttercup and Adison Shipley as Clover 

Video 4:

“Baby Talk” - begins at 0:10
performed by Alia Mader as Darling and Bridget Chaffin as Sweetie

Tangled Monologue – “I Can’t Believe I Did This” - begins at 3:33
performed by Maddy Snyder as Rapunzel

“Coat Hanger Sculpture” - begins at 4:30
performed by Jayslin Gabel as Sally

Video 5:

“I’m Melting” - begins at 0:10
performed by Dylan Flanders

“Anne of Green Gables” - begins at 0:52
performed by Analeigh Fulwider as Anne and Gabrielle Pochop as Diana

“What a Waste” - begins at 6:11
performed by Dylan Mader

Video 6:

Alice in Wonderland - begins at 0:10
performed by Adleigh Pochop as Cheshire Cat and Abigail Jamison as Alice

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland - begins at 3:27
performed by Clara Johnson

Through the Looking Glass - begins at 6:24
performed by Katelyn Willemsen, Jillian Niblock, and Mirari Linin

Video 7:

“The Frog Prince of the Bachelor Pad” by Rebecca Young - begins at 0:10
performed by Ryker Cody

“Afternoon of the Elves” - begins at 1:41
performed by Olivia Chaffin and Teagan Slaubaugh

“Monster Dream” - begins at 8:55
performed by Xara Brenn

Video 8:

“Captain Antonym” - begins at 0:10
performed by Caleb Best

“East of the Sun and West of the Moon” - begins at 1:16
performed by Bryson Polifka and Titus Sayre

“Jane Eyre” - begins at 5:49
performed by Paige Fulwider and Lauren Cody

“Animals Sleeping” - begins at 12:37
performed by Maggie Best

Video 9:

Peter Pan
performed by Xavia Brenn and Allison Daise

Fairy Tales
performed by Ashlyn Schields and Ella Gruenbacher

Smooth Talker
performed by Trevyn Pratt

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