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Stories to Song - Hoxie

Stories to song presentation

Dream Big

Inspired by Karen Gilliland, Hoxie, Kansas
Words by. 1st hour Junior English class
Music by Aaron Fowler © April 21, 2023


Inspired dreams they lead to my goals
I wake up every morning with those dreams on my mind
Watching my goals, flow, I’m ready to go
Setting my goals high, watch me fly


Dream big, Big dreams
New seeds starting small
Dream big, Big dreams
Planting deep, growing tall

Got my head up in the clouds
Thinking about how to be free
Dreaming about things I can’t say out loud
Trying to be proud of life’s guarantees

My dream is to watch the future grow
To plant the seeds amid the meadow flow
Helping them grow like a might tree
To guide them along and set them free

We think about the future when we are young
trying to find the words for songs still unsung
We don’t know which way this road will turn
but we don’t have a single concern

Big Small Town

Inspired by Peggy Eland, Hoxie, Kansas
Words by 3rd hour Sophomore English class
Music by Aaron Fowler © April 21, 2023


Late nights in the neighborhood we did whatever we could
When the sun was going down we were running round town
During the 4th of July watching fireworks in the sky
Spending our time at the neighborhood park playing games til dark


Big small town love that place, smiles from everyone
They all reach out with a helping hand until the job is done
Big small town love that place, never will I run
Love to come home to a big small town, to watch the setting sun.

Being new in a town people think I'm strange
Feel like I'm being stared down because they don't like change
Don't look like them don't sound like them I'm not from this place
Sometimes I feel like I’m a word that they can just erase

Growing up in a big small town filled with unity
People always do the right thing they have integrity
Till a tornado came up and wrecked the whole block
Great little neighborhood where folks are willing to talk

Community gathers round with strength and support
When tragedy strikes or big winds blow that's when they all show
When we are all together there's a sense of peace
We’ll never forget the memories under those crabapple trees

Names On The Wall

Inspired by Joanne Emerick, Hoxie, Kansas
Words by 5th hour Junior English class
Music by Aaron Fowler © April 21, 2023


Freedom of speech is given to all
Names on the wall, they have given it all
We take for granted all of our rights
They fought and fell to give justice to all


History reminds us of those who have gone before
Examples of sacrifice given for all
Most are not famous, but they all answered the call
They are more than just names on a wall

You may be afraid, but you do it anyway
Believe in yourself even if you want to stray
It takes so much courage to fight for what you believe
But if you keep on fighting you will always succeed.

Giving all for the cause is what we're called to do
Fighting for the fallen ones so their memories live on too
This fighting can come with a high price
For the ones who make this sacred, sacrifice

Growing up, life seemed a mystery
Until she started learning about our history
She would talk about him often without fail
She took time to tell her fathers tale

This love of history she shared it with all
It became her passion, it was her life’s call
All of the students followed her lead
Some even went up to DC

Kindness and Compassion

Inspired by Bette James, Hoxie, Kansas
Words by 7th hour Sophomores English class
Music by Aaron Fowler © April 21, 2023


It's easy to be angry, it's easy to be mean
It's harder to be nice to treat other people right
But I choose not to fight, I’m no longer full of spite
working hard at being kind, leaving anger behind


Kindness is a choice we make every day
Compassion is the voice, we all have a say
Working all together every night and every day
Kindness and compassion, it is the only way

In a world of pain and hate, there is a spark in the night
Break free from the chains; Just (reach for the light) stop the fight
Put down your choice of weapons, just put down your hate
Aren't we all sons and daughters, why do we hesitate?

Nobody likes to be judged take it from me
We've all been there, we've all done that deed
We've judged another many times before
Let's all come together and end this war

We all know what it's like to feel the darkness and the hate
To feel so low you can't think straight
So no matter who you are we deserve kindness in the end
So always think before you(act) (say because) we all need a friend.

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